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پرسش پاسخ رایتینگ

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در این پست فایلی را برایتان تدارک دیده‌ایم که در حوزه مهارت رایتینگ تافل است.البته به طور عمومی نیز خواندنش خالی از لطف نیست و مهارت رایتینگ شما را ارتقا میبخشد.مثالی از تاپیک های مختلف را در ادامه متن آورده‌ایم:

 Topic 20 Should children grow up in the countryside or in a city 
There are advantages and disadvantages for a child to grow up in the country or
in a city. It’s hard to say which is better. Growing up in the country means a
certain degree of isolation. You’re in a small town or on a farm with few people.
In addition, the people you meet everyday tend to be just like you. Most have
the same background with you, and go to the same schools with you. In the city,
people you meet are all different. People come from different culture
City people tend to come from a lot of different places and move around a lot.
So, there is not a sense of community in the city like what

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